Immediate BitXDR Crypto Broker Review: Fees, Features, and More

Immediate BitXDR is one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges fostering newbie trading and investment in crypto. If you never dealt with bots, it might be a good pick to put your hands on automated crypto trading for the first time. A wide range of over 120 crypto assets, 16+ trading bots, deep liquidity, and low fees may surely help you on the way to profits.

The 30-day trading volume determines the user level for zeroing in on the trading fee. The highest level is VIP 8, equivalent to executing trades worth over 1500 BTC over 30 days. It’s also worth noting that Immediate BitXDR, as a crypto broker, offers standard spot and futures trading services. The platform updates users about the new perpetual and futures-specific listings via its homepage.

Immediate BitXDR

Although US residents do not use leverage, the ability to trade with leverage is a great feature to maximize potential profits using a grid trading bot. If the price drops and never returns to its previous level, which happens more frequently than you might imagine. When the Futures are close to liquidation, Immediate BitXDR will automatically stop them and sell the spot. You will not lose any money, but trading fees and slippage will be incurred. Immediate BitXDR is a rapidly developing and unique cryptocurrency exchange offering a broad range of easy but smart trading bots which are highly customisable and offer a plethora of strategies.

It can act as one of the mobile applications for all cryptocurrency transactions. The Immediate BitXDR mobile app also offers plug-ins for better trading options. It also offers the same mobility and security in cryptocurrency trading as one can experience on a suitable crypto exchange. The bot will automatically place a buy trade when the price reaches the bottom of a defined rectangle (or grid) and sell when the price reaches the top of the grid. Immediate BitXDR provides the option to set the grid manually or use their algorithm which will set the range based on the historical data of the previous 7 days.

In this Immediate BitXDR review, we have learned that it is a trustworthy crypto trading platform. You can find a trading bot that matches your needs and preferences, whether you are a beginner or an expert. But what if there is a way to make your life easier and let the software do the hard work for you? That’s what Immediate BitXDR promises to offer- a cryptocurrency exchange with free trading bots. In the Set Myself mode, you can independently adjust the price range, the number of grids, and the distance between them. These adjustments will allow you to improve the strategy with the appropriate knowledge.

The Dollar cost averaging bot helps you lower your cost and make a profit at one time. You can use this bot for coins that you are positive about and set the buy and sell triggers. You can also copy other traders’ strategies from the GPT marketplace or share your trading systems with others.

This licensure, a credential shared by prominent exchanges such as Binance and HTX, solidifies‘s compliance within the realm of financial regulations. It’s worth noting that the acquisition of such a license underscores the platform’s commitment to adhering to established standards in the cryptocurrency industry. As a leading platform in the trading bot industry, Immediate BitXDR is committed to providing the best trading bot experience. In the development of Immediate BitXDR Futures Grid, we have once again taken the lead in various details. You can freely choose a strategy, and upon selection, it will provide you with the estimated liquidation price. The “estimated liquidation price” refers to the price at which your grid will be forcefully liquidated, resulting in the automatic closure of orders and the loss of your entire investment amount.

  • This approach helps keep the bots relevant and aligned to the market conditions.
  • The bot works by setting a trailing stop order that adjusts to a certain percentage or dollar amount below the current market price of the cryptocurrency.
  • But what if there is a way to make your life easier and let the software do the hard work for you?
  • Once you have determined the perfect strategy for you,  let’s automate this strategy in the Immediate BitXDR Trading Platform.
  • This allows users to buy and sell cryptos 24/7 from a user-friendly platform and app.

Immediate BitXDR keeps its funds on secure exchanges like Binance and Huobi, which means that the company benefits from these high-level exchanges’ security features. The Immediate BitXDR mobile app is available as a free download for Android and iOS platforms. Immediate BitXDR is able to take advantage of the high degree of security offered by exchanges like Binance and Huobi by keeping its funds on their platforms. It has also been granted a Money Services Business (MSB) license by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and has gone over 900 days since its inception without any security breaches. Both the maker and taker fees at Immediate BitXDR are presently fixed at 0.05% of the total trade value. Upon the completion of your trade, your fee is deducted from the total remaining balance that was credited into your account.

You can also benefit from low fees, high security, and great customer support on Immediate BitXDR. You can use this bot to earn money safely and consistently and decide which exchanges, coins, and how much you want to invest. This trading bot helps you make your own index and rebalance it regularly. It puts your money into different cryptos that you choose and changes the allocation according to a fixed time interval or a threshold that you set. Most of the Binance trading bots, KuCoin trading bots, or Coinbase trading bots connect using API keys.

Traders can also set price alerts to stay on top of market movements. In addition to the normal grid trading functions, it allows for leverage of up to 100x and enables short selling. Its principles are consistent with those of regular spot grid trading. One parameter that is different from spot grid trading is the “Reserved Margin.” So, what is “Reserved Margin”? This brings us to the advantages of Immediate BitXDR’s futures grid compared to other exchanges’ futures grids. Everyone knows that, as most users leverage their positions, the futures market tends to have higher liquidity than the spot market.

This is still a very high number available to traders and helps to ensure that orders are filled on Immediate BitXDR. With more than 100,000 monthly active clients, Immediate BitXDR is a well-established broker that handles $5 billion in trading volume every month. The amount of the fee varies depending on the specific coin and network you’re utilizing. You can locate the complete list of withdrawal fees in Immediate BitXDR’s fees section. It buys more of a coin when the price drops below a certain percentage you set and sells all of it when the price goes up to a certain percentage above your average cost.

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